About Us

Martha Isabella Garza

  • Honduran ♥
  • Fashion Merchandising & Marketing - New York City.

Why Amarella?

  • Yellow has always been a color with which i felt identified,  "amarella" means yellow in Portuguese, "Mar" for Martha which is my first name, and "Ella" for Isabella which is my second name. 

Who are we? 

  • amarella is an online shop that offers international brands!
  • We offer the boldest, and the most chic trends at affordable prices.  


  • Our mission is to offer our customers excellent quality clothing and  “THE STATEMENT PIECE”  they’re looking for.


  • To be a leading Company in the Fashion Industry in our country.
  • To grow and provide our customers with the best service and the greatest variety of styles.
  • Provide an excellent service and at the same time the most accessible price in the market.

   We Focus in:

  •  Quality

  • Attention
  • Excellence
  • Security
  • Selection
  • Exclusiveness